You are not alone

A social campaign joined by local and international NGOs in Vietnam to support impoverished children orphaned by COVID-19.

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Each of the participating organisation creates their own financial support roadmap that utilises their connections and resources most efficiently. Support also vary depending on family circumstances.


All of the organisations have scholarship programmes in place to support children in the long term and make sure that they are not alone in their education path.


Having years of experience in working with disadvantaged children across Vietnam, the organisations have the capacity needed to provide counselling, guidance, and long-term psychological support that are vital to the orphans after the trauma.

All children deserve the opportunity to grow in safe, stable, and loved conditions. The ” You are not alone” campaign provides children with the financial and emotional support to heal the emotional wounds of losing their parents. Although we will never be able to help completely heal the wounds of their past, we have the opportunity to aid in the development and success of their futures.​
Thái Vân Linh
Entrepreneur - Campaign ambassador
A close friend of mine lost her mother to COVID. At age 25, this tragedy is still so hard for her to overcome. That's why when I heard about the number of new orphans in HCMC because of COVID, I couldn't stop thinking about them. No amount of help can erase their pain, but at least, by reaching out to them, we can let them know that they are not alone, and will be supported to learn and develop.
Thùy Dung
Runner-Up Miss Vietnam - Campaign ambassador

What has the campaign done?

A monthly report of “You are not alone” is published on this website, on social media channels of the participating organisations, and sent via emails to donors who left their email addresses. 

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A NGO registered in the UK and operate entirely in Vietnam. With the mission to remove barriers to education for disadvantaged children, saigonchildren operates with four programmes: building schools, providing scholarships, vocational and skills training, and special needs education. Starting in 2020, saigonchildren has also been directly involved in emergency support for victims affected by COVID-19, and floods in the central region.

Management and Sustainable Development Institute (MSD)

As a Vietnamese NGO, MSD strives to promote favourable environments for the development of social organisations, and advocates for the actualization of rights for marginalised and vulnerable communities, especially the youth, women, and people with disabilities. MSD works in the fields of capacity building for social organisations and stakeholders, encouraging responsible business, and progressing and protecting rights for women and children.

The Capacity Building and Support Center for Women and Children (CSWC)

CSWC is a Vietnamese social, non-profit organisation established with a mission to improve the quality of life and to promote equal rights, respect and opportunities of sustainable development for disadvantaged women and children in society.
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and many other organisations, groups, and individuals for supporting this campaign.